Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movies and ducks

I’m watching the movie Hanging Up with Meg Ryan.  It is no secret that I love anything with Meg Ryan in it. She inspires me, her movies, her look.
Anyway…there is a pond across from our house, a pretty good sized pond.  Two Muscovy ducks appeared there back in late April, mid May.  Apparently, we recently found out from a neighbor, they ducks walked from a nearby farm to the pond across from our house.  The farmer came and got the female, but was unable to catch the male until about three separate tries. 
Two days ago, the male duck came back.  His wings are clipped, so he can’t fly.  He walked back to the pond.  This inspires me to, inasmuch as it amuses me.  Unable to fly, he walked.   
Rock on, Mr. Duck.

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