Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall and a healthier you

Fall is officially here . I always look forward to the season, except when the temperatures actually begin to drop.  It’s 43 degrees F this morning and already I think it’s too cold.  Last night, we fired up the furnace for the first time in months.  Friday night hubby came home with local picked apples.  Everyone claimed apples would be so poor this year because of the last snows this spring and drought this summer, but these were really good.

Which leads me to my goal of eating healthier. I need to change my eating and exercise habits.  It’s hard because there isn’t really any place decent to walk and it will be dark after work soon (I’m not a morning exerciser.)  Not that I’m making excuses.  Well…I suppose I am, but I’m also trying to be realistic.  Exercising at home is one of the most motivationally challenging aspects of sticking to an workout plan.  There are so many other things we could be doing at home, like flopping in the couch in front of the TV.  Sometimes it’s just…well, hard. 
So today I’m going to try to eat less and make better choices.  I had an apple already, and I’ve made a cup of decaff coffee.  (Just trying to cut down on caffeine a little as well.)
I’m off to do some writing.  Happy Sunday!

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