Friday, October 19, 2012


My next book will be released in early 2013.  Blackbird is a historical romance set in Colonial New York during the Revolutionary War.  I wrote this in 2003 when I was working full time and going to college.  I don’t know how I found the time to crank out a novel much less work and go to school, but I was younger and I was working my tail off night and day to pull off the schedule I was under, and I slept a lot less back then.  I wrote Blackbird in about six weeks—the entire thing long hand, having since spent more time editing it than I ever did writing the story.  Funny how that is, that the editing takes longer than getting the story out. 
Anyway, I remember sitting in class one night thinking about documents.  What if a collection of ledgers were worth a person’s life?  That’s when the idea for Blackbird came about.  That and I’d been reading a lot of Sherman Alexie’s work for my Native American literature class.  (Sherman, I still adore your work!)
Anyway, I’m excited for Blackbird’s release.  

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