Thursday, October 11, 2012

When my husband bought me a Kindle Fire last Christmas, I never thought I would become such a necessity in my life.  Not only do I read more now, I’ve discovered new e-book authors I like that I would have never known about when I read solely print books.  I also download cookbooks—one with just muffin recipes.
I use my Kindle’s Pandora app to listen to all 80s music with a cardio beat when I exercise.  I take my Kindle with me to the grocery store and use the calculator app for tracking my spending before I head to the checkout.  The horoscope app gives me my daily “future” fix, and last night I downloaded a free app to track my daily calorie count.  I also use the app for “Post it” notes and jot down story ideas, bits of dialogue, etc. when they come to me.  Lately, I wonder how I did without this devise for so long. 
I see they’ve just come out with a Kindle HD.  I’m not sure of the difference in features.  I’d be interested in learning more.  Not that I want to upgrade right away, but you never know.  The other day, someone asked me if you could buy a keyboard for the Kindle Fire.  This is something I’ve been meaning to investigate. I think if I could find a way to write with the thing, I’d be over the top in Kindle bliss.
So that’s my take on the Kindle Fire.  I’m not up on my latest electronic gadgets and frankly would never have bought one on my own (I still use a prepaid cell phone), but I love the Kindle Fire and couldn’t imagine life without it.

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