Sunday, October 21, 2012

Working writers

I made these yesterday.  They came out pretty good and were quite yummy.  Funny…I got directly off the treadmill and went to the kitchen and made cookies. 
I’ve been thinking a lot about what the difference is between being a hobby writer and a working writer.  Writing is work, hard work, no matter if you’re submitted to publishers or sticking your work in a file cabinet.  For me, I have to work outside the home.  I think I would go batty otherwise.  Getting out provides fodder for story ideas.  I think the creativity well would run dry rather quickly if I were to rely on just news and internet. 
So I hear this a lot.  The “Working Writer”.  Does a working writer work all the time?  If I’m not physically writing, I’m usually thinking about writing, about character ideas, plotting, etc.  Sometimes I bit of dialogue will run through my head as I’m driving to the store.  I’ve actually had to pull over and write it down before.  Does this make me a working writer? 
There are so many tags out there for writers.  What are some you’ve heard?

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