Saturday, November 10, 2012

Self publishing

I’ve come to a decision.  I’m going to self-publish.  This is a decision I’ve spent a great deal of time pondering.  Also something I never thought I’d be considering.  Not too long ago, self-publishing was extremely expensive and considered taboo in the publishing world.  There used to be a stigma attached to self-publishing.  If the book had to be published by the author, the story must be less than best.  So not true anymore.  Publishers are taking less chances on new authors, passing up some pretty good books.  Even top names in the business are self-publishing.  Plus with the e-book explosion, costs have drastically come down. 
Why the change?  I can’t speak for others but my personal reasons for self-publishing are mainly control and cost.  I will be able to control how many books go to print, what the cover looks like (something I’ve never had a say in before), where they are sold, where they are not sold, etc.  I can also sell my book for less.  Costs for trade paperbacks are climbing, and the economy isn’t getting any better.  If a reader has an extra $15 in her pocket, she’s going to put it in the gas take, not take a chance on a new author.
I heard more of the same at my last RWA chapter meeting.  Rumors are flying about publishers being scared, how agents are making less money, how advances are shrinking.  We’re on the edge of the biggest upheaval the publishing industry has ever seen, and it’s…well, it’s interesting.  Very, very interesting.

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