Down to the wire

This is my last work day and I have five days off for Christmas. I’m so excited.  Work will be exciting today.  The buzz of happiness that starts welling up in everyone.  I love this about Christmas. Love it!
I had a lot of plans for the weekend, last minute details for Christmas, running around doing that, meeting friends for coffee, etc.  However, they’re predicting quite a snowstorm Saturday so I’m putting plans on hold until perhaps Sunday.  We’ll see.  If it’s snowy, I stay inside.  I hate winter driving, hate having my feet wet (and even if I wear boots I always somehow manage to get my feet wet), hate being cold, scraping off the car, all that comes with snowiness.   So I will most likely write Saturday and finish wrapping gifts. 
I’m hoping to get a huge chunk of the second draft of my Soul Catcher  series done this weekend, along with plotting a new and potentially HUGE paranormal series, plotting book 1 anyway. 
So that’s the scoop.  If I don’t blog beforehand, and I’ll try to, have a wonderful Christmas!  Stay warm, love those close to you, and eat lots, read lots, hug lots.
Merry Christmas!


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