Sunday, December 2, 2012

End of Year

Yesterday, I drove to Syracuse to attend the Central New York RWA chapter meeting.  I always dread the drive into the city.  I hate driving anyway, but the trek seems so long.  I always am glad I went, though.  Yesterday was no different.  We had our annual Christmas party, where were eat wonderful food and go over our goal we made the past year so see where we are, what we’ve accomplished, and how far we need to go for the upcoming year.  It’s very motivating, and oftentimes you get to reconnect with writers you might not see all year.  So, as usual, I’m really glad I went, despite the long drive.
I finished my draft of Soul Catcher (still not sure with that title) and am hard at work into the edits.  I’m hoping to have it available by Halloween 2013 at the very, very latest.  Hopefully sooner.  I was thinking of releasing it as a novella, but I also have two short stories I could punch up in time and release the three as an anthology.   Still not sure.
I’m also editing Charmer which is a very long historical.  I’m putting a lot of effort in this one to self publish, as this book is very special to my heart.  It has a lot of my grandmother in it, her heart and soul. She was the inspiration for it so many years ago. 

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