Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday goals

The week passed by before I realized that this blog post was due.  I’ve struggled to come up with a holiday topic that was both unique and interesting.  I’ve thought about the 2012 goals that I set for myself both personally and professionally, and while there were not a lot of them there was one huge goal and that was to get back to writing again. I’ve done that and am so glad I’ve struggled through.  I am actively writing again, not only writing, but I’ve completed another book this year, something I didn’t expect.  Buying our house was another big personal goal.  The move was a huge issue in my writing going out the window.  So I’m happy to be back.  Happy to be in our new home.  Little things have meant big things to me and I am very grateful.
So onward in this blog post.  The holidays are upon us, and most of us make holiday goals.  I was no different.  Some of the things I did NOT do this holiday season:
Donate time to charity.  Time? What time?  Yeah, that one didn’t even stand a chance.
Bake.  Trying to keep from laughing… yeah, most people get scared when I boil water let alone bake.
Shop at the mall.  I didn’t even go.  I made it to my local super store, was stressed out over that enough, never made it to any malls.
Read a holiday romance. I didn’t make this goal either.  I really feel bad about this one.  I wanted to try a new author or two.
See at holiday movie at the theater.  Back the mall point.  Didn’t step foot in one.

Holiday parties? Nope.  Secret Santa exchange. Na-da.  Holiday booksignings?  Shaking head.
So there you have it.  On one hand I could bow my head in shame, but one the other hand, I really didn’t feel like I missed much.  In fact, I think most of it took some of the stress away this season. 
So what are you doing this time of year?

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