Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!   I woke up early and recharged to take on the new year.  I didn’t make the usual resolutions to lose weight or exercise more, because hey, who’s kidding who here?  I love chocolate and I’m lazy, so if I can maintain the weight I am at life is good.  At least I’m being honest, right?
I made a lot of writing goals, to submit my short story to Ellora’s Cave Shivers line (erotic horror) and to write more historical romance, which is my first love and where my heart lies.  I know publishers want more paranormals especially contemporary paranormals, but after a long heart to heart with my husband the other day, I discovered I really don’t like writing paranormals, contemporary paranormals anyway.  Sure, there may be a few coming down the pipeline here and there, but this year for 2013 I’m going to focus on historical romances.  I will be making them more spicier, turning up the heat quite a bit actually, but this is what I’m working on for now.  Readers have asked for them, and I’m listening.  I truly believe this is where my voice is. For now anyway. 
Don’t get me wrong, I still like writing and reading horror, but if I’m going to publish it, outside of submitting to Ellora’s Cave anyway, I’m going to use another pen name so readers aren’t confused or angry with me.  I want the name Nancy Henderson to mainly be historical romance.  When then pick up a Nancy Henderson book I want them to know they’re getting frontier happily ever after. 
Anyway, some of my other personal goals are to  work on the house, restoration wise.  We want to tear down the old barn on the property, put up a split rail fence, and replace all the original windows upstairs.  Plus we eventually want to put on a front porch wrapping all the way around the house. These are huge undertakings and we likely won’t get to all of them this year, but that’s the wish list.  I’ll post pictures of our progress this year. 
Until then, wishing you a year filled with peace and love.

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