Saturday, February 9, 2013

Braving the weather

So we didn’t get much snow from the Blizzard of 2013 or Nemo as they’re calling it.  We got 15” so says the local weatherman on TV this morning.  That’s an average amount for us, really.  It’s 10 degrees F right now, but we didn’t lose power so that makes us really lucky.  Since moving here last year we’ve lost power an astronomical amount of times which sucks because it’s our only source of heat.  Gotta look into getting a pellet stove or something for backup heat.
I did the majority of my take home work for the day job last night.  I’ve only got a few minor tweaks on a project to do today and I’ll be done.  I’m really pleased with it and with the time I still have available for writing work this weekend. 
On the writing front, I really want to get started on a brand new historical romance series this weekend.  I had high hopes of submitting it to Harlequin Historicals, but I have to say I’m frustrated.  I went on their website the other day and saw that they only took on two new authors for that line last year.  Kind of dashed my hopes…again.  I have a poor attitude for this game lately.  If it seems insurmountable I don’t want to try.  Sick of the rejection game.  I need to toughen up my skin again.  Rejections will always come in this business, and they will never get any easier. Not sure where all this sensitivity is coming from lately. 
So that’s the recap for the weekend.  I do need to leave the house to get groceries this morning.  For now I’m going to wait until the snowplow goes by.  The roads look a little scary at the moment. 
Stay warm everybody! 

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