Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly recap

This week was insane.  Really crazy. Wednesday I had a doctor appointment for my back, which was more of a follow up to the spine injections from December.  All in all she said I was doing well, but I have to lose at least fifty pounds.  She’s right, I do.  This extra weight is just making my back and joints worse.  So I’m trying to focus on eating natural foods, less processed, and keeping a food journal. The food journal is a real eye opener to exact how much those snacks here and there add up.  She also wants me to start doing Pilates and yoga to strengthen my core.  I have a Pilates DVD, which I did last night.  It was really tough.  I haven’t done that DVD in about ten years.  I felt it, and I feel it this morning.  I’m also going to start taking a Pilates class.  I’m really going to do this.  Not going to be easy, but I have to for my health. No other choice.
Wednesday I left work early to attend a funeral for my husband’s uncle.  Very sad and unexpected.  Didn’t get home until after nine, which is late for us (two hour drive each way).  Then I had to be at the day job by six am on Friday.  So it’s been nuts.
Oh, and hubby surprised me with a dozen roses and a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day.  He’s the sweetest. 
This weekend, I need to start work on the book that I plan to submit to Harlequin Historicals.  Today will be busy.  We’re installing the dishwasher we bought last weekend, and hubby has to pick up an electric wheelchair that a friend gave him.  He builds robots, and the chair makes the perfect base for them.   Sunday is supposed to be very snowy so I’m planning a full writing day then. 
That’s the recap for the week.  Oh, I will post more about the developments of Wicked Redemption soon.  I promise! 

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