Sunday, April 21, 2013

The many varieties of romance

When I tell people I’m a writer, they always ask me what I write.  After I tell them I write romance, they seldom question what type of romance.  Romance breaks down into a spectrum of sub genres.  Paranormal, historical, erotic, inspirational to name a few.  Paranormals can then be broken down to vamps, ghosts, werewolves, etc.  Many times they even cross over to urban fantasy or futuristic.

Historicals can be sub-catagorized even further. Westerns, Colonial, Regency, medieval and more.  The erotic genre may be contemporary, futuristic, fantasy, even steampunk.  Confusing?  Sometimes.  But the possibilities are endless.

I love experimenting with genres. I just finished the draft of a fantasy erotic that borders on horror.  Even my paranormal contemporary romance with a demon hero, Wicked Redemption, has been called horror by some reviewers.  Because I dabble in so many sub-genres, I sometimes confuse readers. 

One reader loves my historicals, and I caution her about buying my paranormals because I know that’s not what she wants.  Nathan’s Return, for example, is a historical, but it’s also paranormal and time travel—not her particular type of story.  She wants straight historical with no surprises and a guaranteed happily ever after.  And that’s okay. 

At signings I pass out cards that separate the genres of my books. I love to educate, talk books, and I love to open new worlds for readers.  If one of my books can carry someone away from their troubles for just a few hours, then I’m a happy writer.


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