Saturday, June 8, 2013

Excerpt to Blackbird

Adahya stopped walking.  He turned, shook his head in disgust.  Knox’s woman was not to be found.  He could hear her, though.  There was no doubt about that.  She had not shut her mouth since leaving the Oneida mission.
      This was a mistake.  He should not have agreed to take her to Fort Ontario.  He wanted Knox, and Colonel Butler wanted Knox.  This woman was not Knox.  He should have tomahawked her back at the mission.
      Her hair was dark like a raven’s wing.  He could not guess its length due to the hideously tight bun she wore it in, but it appeared to be handsome like a Hodenosaunee woman’s hair.  It would bring a steep price at the fort.  But not as steep a price as Knox would bring alive and unharmed.  Knox would bring great rewards: tomahawks, trade goods, guns perhaps.  Colonel Butler knew the trouble the reverend was stirring by bribing the Oneidas, and Butler was willing to pay highly for him.  Knox’s evil works were destroying the dreams of the Great King across the Sea and the peace the Hodenosaunee had sewn into the hearts and minds of the Iroquois brothers.  Colonel Butler and the soldiers of the Great King across the Sea would kill Knox on the grounds of treason.
      They would do the same to Knox’s woman, of course.
      Adahya wondered how much reward she would bring to him and to his people.  She seemed to know a great deal about the war and about the Oneidas.  She had even known that Ganeagaono meant the People of the Flint, or Mohawk, as the white eyes called them.  It had not taken him long to realize that she knew little of the Hodenosaunee language, as she had not responded to any of the insults he had heaped on her, but Knox had assisted her in his twisted ways--that was certain.  And she had shown him documents that she said proved Knox’s treason.  Adahya could not read them.  He had never been taught to decipher their paper language, but he believed she was ignorant enough to disclose what they recorded.
      Adahya smiled.  Perhaps with her ignorance and her never ceasing mouth, she would bring as much reward to his people as Knox would have.  He could then go back for Knox and double his profit.  Regardless, it would be good to have the white woman’s mouth quieted forever.

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