Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Places I've finished a book

I stopped and had a quick cup of coffee with a friend the other day.  We got talking about writing, my writing in particular since she doesn’t write, and with most non-writers they are naturally curious.  We got to laughing at some of the outlandish places I’ve finished a book when on deadline.  I decided to list them here:
.  An auction house.  I love auctions.  I’m a total auction junkie.  There’s something about wanting something but the anticipation of wondering whether you’re actually going to be the one to end up with it. It’s exciting. Too exciting to pass up when you find one with some stuff you just gotta have.  So I finished up Man Of Her Dreams at an auction house.  I sat there with Pepsi, big tote bag by my chair, spiral notebook and auction bidding number in my lap.  People used to look at me funny, but I’ve been to so many auctions now they know me.  Other auction groupies, that is,  and they know when I’m there writing that I’m at crunch time.
. Parking lot waiting for someone.  This isn’t the strangest place, but I wait for a lot of people.
. Doctor offices.
.  Vet offices.  I have a bulimic cat, ‘nough said.
.  My car on my lunch hours.  This is almost a five day a week occurrence.
.  In the winter,  it’s the day job’s kitchen because it’s too cold to be outside.
.  I once finished an unpublished manuscript in a friend’s camper.  I was staying at a weekend long antique show with her.
.    There have been fast food restaurants, Starbucks, Panera Bread, even a bakery. 
I guess what I’m trying to say, I can write anywhere, and if I’d manage my time a bit better I wouldn’t be in crunch time so often.  But that’s ok.  I thrive on stress.  It’s me, it’s my way.   

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