Thursday, October 31, 2013

My to do list

I have a lot on my plate right now, writing wise.  A few of you have written to me asking what’s next in line with new books coming out.  Here’s a rundown of the projects I’m currently working on:

1.      I’m currently in the second draft of the first book in a series.  This is something new for me because it’s mainstream romance, something I’ve never done before.  Once this draft is done, I’ll need to run through it again for storyline and content then again for line edits then it’s off to my editor.

2.        I’m putting together a Halloween anthology targeted for October 2014.  This is still in the planning stages with my publisher.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a green light on this one yet, but fingers are crossed for a release next fall. I’m also considering self-publishing it if it’s a no go with my publisher.  I’ll keep you posted as soon as I know more. 

3.        I wrote a draft of a new historical romance set in a mining town in Pennsylvania.  I need to do a run through for content and repair some scenes then I’m sending to Harlequin Historicals for their consideration.

4.        I’m drafting outlines for a new paranormal series.  Mainly just hen scratching in a notebook as the ideas come to me.  This isn’t something I’ve spent a lot of time on yet because I’ve been devoting almost all of my time on the getting the mainstream done.  

So that’s my list.  This will carry me to the end of the year and probably over what with the holidays coming up.  Unless I self-publish, a lot of this isn’t in my control.  Just the writing.  The decisions are in the hands of my publishers.  

I hope this answers some of your questions.  If not, drop me a line at and I’ll answer  as quickly as possible. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Guest Author ~ Cora Zane

This afternoon I have the pleasure of presenting author Cora Zane.  Cora is multi-published in multiple genres and has a new release out! 

Thanks for visiting Cora!

Hi Nancy! Thanks for hosting me on your blog. I have a new collection out just in time for Halloween. 
A Trick of Light: Four Supernatural Short Stories is available now on Smashwords. I'll be releasing a print edition through my personal print label, Grrl X Publishing, later this year. 

About A Trick of Light

A Trick of Light is a collection of four supernatural short stories. Find out how an old letter puts a woman face to face with a spectral train. Read the lost diary of a family man forced to make difficult choices in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Witness a rebel angel's final battle against one of his own kind. A Trick of Light...where nothing is quite as it seems. 

Book page, book sample, and buy link:

Price: .99 cents
Publisher notes: This is supernatural fiction, not a romance. 

Excerpt from A Trick of Light 

The letter came from my grandmother’s attic.
I found it along with a string of other old mementos in a dusty straw purse at the bottom of an antique armoire. I’d been clearing out Nana’s things for a few weeks, ever since my brothers insisted we finally sell the farm.
While it pained me to see this chunk of property end up outside of the family circle, I had to agree the house was located too far away from the rest of us, and no one had the time or money for the upkeep. Selling was the only way to ensure the place would receive the proper routine maintenance an older home requires.
As it happened, once we’d all in agreed to this, the sad task of sorting Nana’s things fell to me. Among the remnants of her long life, the purse I uncovered in the armoire seemed at first like another one of those treasures too personal to throw out.
Embroidered with purple and mauve thistles and other decorative fronds sewn right onto the weave, the bag had no closure, only two round cane handles that when held together closed the purse. Lovely, but dated.
My grandmother had always liked things like that, items that had been in style during her heyday, which was somewhere around the time of the Second World War. By the looks of it, this bag had been very well loved, and I pulled it from the drawer, my heart aching and missing her. I was disappointed to discover on closer inspection that the bag was flat as an old shoe and crushed toward the bottom.
 I decided it wasn’t worth salvaging after all. That stung a little because something about the purse drew me—I couldn’t have guessed what, since I certainly had no use for a straw bag.
Nevertheless, I checked inside for anything important and found an embroidered hair ribbon, a powder compact with a cracked mirror, a packet of tissues, and an old letter, which was resting on its side and pressed flat against the inner lining of the bag.
I tossed the other things into the trash bin and turned my attention to the letter, which was folded four square, the paper amber with age. It had crumpled from moisture like the dried petals of a pressed flower, and I opened it very carefully so the corner folds didn’t tear.
I don’t know what I expected exactly, that maybe it was an old love letter from my grandfather. He’d been a man of few words, although at some point he’d bragged to us grandkids about the wooing of his lovely Rosalie. I’d been about ten or so when he’d told us the story of how he’d stolen our nana from another man, a soldier who, at the time, had been stationed in Hawaii, or some other far-flung place.
I thought about that story now and decided whatever this letter turned out to be, it was obviously something special for Nana to have kept it all these years. After Grandpa died, I’d asked her if there were any personal letters she’d saved from him. I’d wanted to add them to the family archive I’d been building for the last thirty years or so, but she told me that if there had been any letters, she definitely didn’t have them now. She’d never been much of a “pen and paper gal”, she’d explained. A good thing, I suppose, since Grandpa apparently never had much inclination to express, in written form at least, any poetic feelings he might’ve had for her.
So this new find was a curiosity. I looked at the letter as an unusual artifact to add to the family scrapbook. The rarity of it excited me, even though it saddened me a little to imagine my grandparents young and in love. After all, that was another life, and Nana had not been gone from us for very long. Grief still nagged me at the slightest provocation.
I smoothed the letter flat against my thigh, glad to see that the ink remained fair. The body of the text was still legible; the words had only bled a tiny bit. I lifted the page to see it better in the window light and read the first few words. An odd chill came over me.

Dearest Rosalie,
I know all about him. I wish I didn’t, but I can’t change what is. I love you even now, and despite what your mother says, there is still time for you to change your mind. I will be arriving at Kilkirkin Station at 7:15 p.m. If you love me still, meet me there. Even if you cannot bring yourself to come away with me in the end, at the very least, I would have you stand face to face with me and tell me goodbye. I will be waiting.
Love always.

The letter was unsigned.

To read the full sample, please visit my page at Smashwords. 

Where to find Cora Zane online
Personal Blog:
Grrl X Publishing:

Friday, October 25, 2013

The weekend is coming!

We’re in for a chilly weekend.  Of course it snowed yesterday, so what do I expect?  I don’t have anything planned which is good because after this weekend, my schedule gets crazy.  I have something planned every Saturday.   RWA meeting, have to take the cats to the vet, two booksignings, and I’m taking a trip with my mom to put a Christmas wreath on Grandma’s grave.  Doing nothing this weekend sounds pretty nice.  

What are your plans?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Snow today!

We woke to an inch of snow on the deck this morning.  It’s too early for winter!!! 

I’m really not looking forward to the holidays.  I think it has something to do with the death of my grandmother last spring.  Just not the same anymore.  I’m also thinking that I will be doing most of my shopping online this year to avoid all the crowds and hassle.  That way I can spend more time in coffee shops relaxing and people watching instead of going stir crazy trying to make spur of the moment purchases.  

Anyway…I have a slippery ride to work ahead of me this morning. Stay warm everyone!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Organization and e-mail

My inbox is a jungle right now.  I subscribe to a lot of list groups.  There is valuable information found on each one, but lately I’m finding that I don’t have time to read them.   So sadly I am deleting many without reading.  My e-mail sorting has become going through business e-mails, reading and answering those first, answering reader e-mails as soon as possible, and deleting the rest be it list groups, coupons to feed my love of shopping, whatever.  

I really want to get another way to sort e-mails, some type of cloud storage like I have with my books.  I intend to check that out…as soon as I have time.