Sunday, October 13, 2013

CNYRW Workshop

Yesterday, I drove to Liverpool for our monthly RWA meeting.  They gave a workshop on goals, making them, keeping them, planning, etc.  It was awesome.  I especially liked the part about planning.  I usually consider myself an organized person but when it comes to writing I could be a lot more organized. 
                One writer at the meeting said she keeps a log of words written every day and has been doing so for years…decades even.  She said she uses this to benchmark how long it will take her to write a certain number of books throughout the year.  If she were to have an editor ask her if she can write a novel by the end of the year, she can go back through her log and gauge whether this is possible or not.  Pretty useful stuff. 
                That’s what I love about workshops.  The sheer amount of knowledge and inspiration you bring home.  There’s something about just being in the same room with other writers.  We feed off each other; call it a vibe or whatever.  It’s pretty amazing. 


  1. I sometimes keep a log of words written, but not all the time. With me it works as tangible progress and spurs me to keep going.

  2. I really wish I could log in my words. I write on an Alphasmart mostly so it's really difficult to calculate how much I'm writing throughout the week. Sigh....I really need to get organized! How have you been, Shelley?