Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My secret or not-so-secret addiction

I have a tote bag addiction.  My husband calls it a sickness.  I can’t leave the house without carrying my purse and a tote bag.  (And when I leave for work I also carry an insulated lunch bag.)  I have tote bags in all colors and sizes:  laptop totes, floral totes, rolling tote bags, quilted totes, and of course the totes they hand out at writers’ conventions.  Those are covered with buttons that say things like “Proud to be e-published.”, “Save a horse, ride a romance hero.”, etc.  

Pictured at left is a quilted make up bag I picked up.  (My husband still says it's a tote bag...)

My husband would love for me get rid of some of them.  My closet door doesn’t really want to shut anymore.  I just shrug and say I need him to build me a larger closet.  He just shakes his head.  I just love my tote bags! 

Oh, and this is Pan who loves my rolling bag! 

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