Monday, November 4, 2013

New year, new planner

 I bought a new planner for 2014.  Below is my old planner for 2013.  It's sturdy and rugged and small enough that I can throw it in my purse if needed.  Plus it's hardcover.

This is the new planner for 2014.  

I’m pretty hard on planners, as they travel with me every day 365 days of the year.  I’m not sure if this new soft cover planner will hold up.  I bought it online and I guess I assumed it would be hard cover like the one I had.  That’s the trouble with purchasing in a hurry, I guess. And you know what they say when you assume...

Nevertheless, I like the design.  The elephants are cute and fun, and I like the space given for writing appointments and to do lists (see photo below).  Plus I can start using it now if I want, as it began in July 2013.   

Now to find time transpose everything from the old into the new…

Do you use a planner?  What are your requirements for keeping organized?

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