Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I have been writing my a** off.  No clue where this inspiration is coming but I’m not complaining.  Maybe it has something to do with my health now that I’m feeling better.  Before my surgery, I didn’t realize just how awful I was actually feeling now that I’m doing so much now.  Things like exercising, reading, attending writerly things, etc.  However, it is true that the more you write, the more inspired you are, which makes you write more.  

I also woke up this morning to realize how truly behind I am with real life things like housework (the carpet has a carpet of cat hair on it), etc. Plus I remembered that biometric screenings are at work today and I never looked up my appointment time, so it could be this morning which means I couldn’t eat or drink anything just in case.  

Biometric screenings are blood pressure, bloodwork, weight, etc. that we have to take every year for our health insurance.  They are not mandatory but your health insurance will increase if they are not taken, so by my standards they are mandatory.  Plus I like to see my progress each year.  I’m hoping my fat percentage has decreased.  Last year I was something equivalent to a can of Spam. This year I’m at least hoping for lean bacon.  Or maybe turkey bacon, but I haven’t been working out that religiously.  We’ll see…

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