Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shadow's Promise - Excerpt

“You are Ganeagaono now.” He stepped toward her, his tone commanding.  “We are your people.”
            “Dillan will come for me.”  She knew she was lying to herself.  Dillan would not come.  Her only hope was to escape.  And she would, just as soon as she could.
            “Hear my words, Jessie McCrea,” Shadow spoke as if he were lecturing a child.  “You are Ganeagaono now.  If anyone came for you, we would not let you go.  We would do everything in our power to keep you here.  Adoption is a sacred bond.  It must not be broken.”
            She wanted to gouge his eyes out, but she was too exhausted and in too much pain to argue.  Why couldn’t she be home, home in her goose down bed in the loft?
            But home seemed so far away.  How far, she had no idea.
            Shadow took a sleeping mat from the shelf and spread it beside the fire pit.  He motioned to his bed.  “It is late, Jessie McCrea.  Tomorrow Willow will teach you her medicine.  You sleep now.”
            The thought of lying in Shadow’s bed made her flush.  She had slept there before—naked, in fact—but she could not sleep there again.  Not willingly.
            Shadow’s frown told her she had offended him.  One thing she had learned tonight was that these people were easily offended.  Even something as meaningless as refusing a helping of food was considered an insult.
            “There is no elsewhere.”  He draped a tattered blanket over his sleeping mat. “My bed is yours.”
            “Then I will sleep on the floor.”
            A slow, provocative grin grew across his face.  “As you wish, but I am a blanket thief.  I hope you will not be cold.”

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