Saturday, March 19, 2016

When you cheat...reading books, that is.

I'm a cheater.  Reading books, I mean.  I have about six books started. I'm currently reading The Girl In Between by Laekanzea Kemp, and I'm loving it.  I think I will actually finish this one.  It's wonderful.  About a girl with a disease, I forget the exact name of the disease without looking it up, that makes her sleep for weeks or months at a time--or maybe never wake up at all--and while she's sleeping the reader is immersed in her dream-like world.  It's really getting two books in one.  
Love it.  
Which brings me to my next topic:  are you cheating when you drop one book for another in mid-read?  I do that all the time. Always distracted by the new shiny.  Is it cheating?  I always feel like I'm doing a disservice to the author of the book that I've abandoned.  
Readers:  What's your opinion?

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