Monday, May 30, 2016

My three favorite things

Authors have all kinds of eclectic things they prefer. Maybe it’s a pet or a photograph of a special someone sitting on their desks. Here are three things that inspire me to write:

Planners.  I love planners and journals. I spend hours in my local Barnes and Noble looking at all the pretty and practical styles and designs. I currently have a planner with large blocks for lists on each day. Lists, for me, get things done. It’s my way of breaking a huge task or tasks into small, manageable pieces. I don’t know where I’d be without my planner. 

Native American research.  It’s no surprise that I love Native American culture, especially northeastern Indians during the Colonial period. The clash of cultures and influences of blending races is so interesting and a source of storytelling inspiration for me. Sometimes just opening one of my reference books will provide a new story idea just from reading a couple of paragraphs.

Coffee. Yes, the nectar of the gods! I have a Keurig which I wonder now how I ever lived without. My favorite coffee is Caribou brand or Eight O’Clock.  I’m also fond of anything Starbucks. Coffee is the first thing I reach for every morning and one of the last things I drink before bed (which explains my insomnia!)

Readers and authors, What are your favorite things?

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