Saturday, May 7, 2016

Parkinson's disease, I hate you

I don’t write about personal things on here very often. Anyone who knows me well pretty much knows my life is an open book when it comes to random things that don’t matter. However, right now something very personal matters a great deal.
My father has Parkinson’s disease. I never knew what the disease was until six years ago. Now it’s a demon that haunts me. It’s something I can’t stop thinking about, reading about, planning for, trying to expect what it will do and yet it baffles me at every turn.
Parkinson’s is taking my Dad away.  It has robbed me of almost every aspect of the Dad I once knew.  It has taken the person away that taught me how to be a storyteller. There are no more stories. The disease has eaten then up and spit them to the side of the curb.
Parkinson’s is selfish and destructive and has left me feeling very lonely and scared.   
I miss my Dad already. It hurts beyond words to see him unable to do the things he once loved to do, to struggle to get out of a chair, and in so much pain that he’s almost debilitated.
This is my personal that I’m sharing with you.
I don’t have any strong left today.
As a person who seldom asks for help, I am asking. I’m asking for strength and most importantly for prayers. 

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