Thursday, June 9, 2016

Second Chance: The making of a contemporary romance series

I thought since I have a new series coming out soon, I would tell you how I came about to write a contemporary romance revolving around a diner.
I love diners. I love their food, their coffee, and the friendship and town unity that comes from hanging around these holes in the wall. I always had an idea of writing about a diner.  For years, I thought it would turn into a book about diners and my critiques of them.  That would be a fun gig, huh? Traveling around America sampling diner food.  I’d be happy and a candidate for triple bypass within a year!
One day an idea hit.  I wanted to write a mainstream women’s fiction book about a group of friends who routinely meet at a diner.  Then the story was born.  That was two years ago.  The Cold Springs book didn’t start off quick.  I started writing the mainstream when I realized about 50K words into the thing that I had no idea what I was doing.  Characters were coming and going and none of it was making any sense whatsoever.
So I put the book aside, wrote a couple more historicals, but the idea for a diner book never left me.  I had to finish this.  I had to make this work.  I loved the made up little town of Cold Springs too much to let it go.
So I did what I do best:  I made it a romance. Why not?  I could write contemporaries couldn’t I?  I did after all write a paranormal romance series set in a contemporary setting (which are currently out of print but I will get them back out there to you someday, I promise!)
So Cold Springs, Book I, Second Chance was born.  I’m finishing final line edits this weekend.  Then I’ll announce the release date.  I hope you like it.  I have a lot in store for the people of Cold Springs, and Jean’s Diner that sits right in the heart of it.

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