Saturday, June 4, 2016

This is the state of my office...(note Blaze is helping)

I have a lot of hands in the fire right now.  Below are a few shots of my office and it's disarray.
I’m currently in my office printing out the final hard copy of Second Chance to send it to one of my beta readers (who doesn’t like to read e-files).  

 I’m working on the draft of book two to the Cold Springs series. (Book I of the Cold Springs series is Second Chance.) 

And…I’ve just sent final edits to my editor for Second Chance, which I’ll need to do a run through when they come back.   

After that, Second Chance will be on it’s way to formatting for both print and e-book and then off to you guys, my lovely readers!  

I’m really excited about this book!  

Blaze is helping!

Not only is it my first full length contemporary, but it’s written around the idea of a diner.  Everyone who knows me knows how much I looooove diners! 

I’m equally excited about book II, so I’d better get back to writing!  Can’t wait for you guys to read it!

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