Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is my current favorite place to be

Our deck is my favorite place to go. 

This huge oak tree overlooks it and allows it to always be shaded.  We don’t need an awning or even an umbrella.  It’s always comfortable out here.

I’ve planted quite a few flowers here.  Most of the flower pots were given to me by various friends and family members. A few I’ve picked up at yard sales.  

This is Pan and Blaze in their “catio”.  

 Some nights we hear noises coming from the catio and a raccoon is walking along the top of the chicken wire.  The cats stay indoors at night, and there is no food out there, so I don’t know what their attraction to the catio seems to be. 

I might think it’s the birdseed we put outside on the deck to feed our chipmunk friends, but they usually clean it up spotless most nights.  Maybe they can still smell the seed.  Do sunflower seeds have a smell?  

Anyway, this is my most relaxing place. I go out here to read quite a bit.  Sometimes I end up falling asleep, but I'm old so I think it's okay. 

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