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I wrote new words today and the reality of being a writer

I wrote 6,725 words yesterday. This wasn’t editing my current manuscript. This was something totally new, completely new words pounded out first thing in the morning before coffee.I don’t know if these are words I’ll keep or not. I haven’t gone back to read them. I don’t know when I’ll read them. Maybe I’ll never read them. 
That’s the thing about writing. You can work on anything you want. If you get tired of working on your romance, you can always go back and start something completely different. Maybe a sci fi. Back to the word count. I often wonder how it is for others to try to understand the workings of a writer’s mind. Right after I wrote these new words I went out to get coffee.I was by myself and I planned to visit my mom so I didn’t stay, just went through a local drive thru.
This is how the conversation might play out in my head:
Drive thru attendant:“Good morning.How may I help you?” Me: “Large black coffee please.” Drive thru attendant:“How’s your day so far?” Me:“Grea…