Sunday, December 11, 2016


I’m having a heck of a time keeping up with this blog on a regular basis.  Honestly, I’m debating if I should move the whole thing to Facebook, since that’s where all the cool kids seem to be hanging out these days. Does anyone even read blogs anymore? 

Anyway, what have I been up to?

I did five booksignings between October and December, my last one yesterday.  I’m exhausted, but I had such a great time getting out and meeting readers, introducing myself to new readers, even catching up to readers who came to visit me to see if I had written anything new.  Thank you so much for that!!!!! You guys are the best!

Anyway…I’m exhausted.  The weather has been very cold and snowy, and I caught strep throat which knocked me for a loop, and I’ve had quite a bolt of back pain, so I’m going slow these days.

I’m aiming to have book two of the Cold Springs series, titled Second Beginning, released in early part of 2017.  I don’t have any excuses other than procrastination as to why it’s late.  However, I’m scheduling book three of the Cold Springs series, currently untitled, to be done by March 2017. 

Oh and hubby got me an early Christmas present:

Well...two actually.  We adopted them from a rescue organization.  I've been so swamped I haven't even taken updated photos yet!  Anyway, talk about love at first sight.  The top one we've named Mischief because...well, she's into everything, the bottom one is Luna, i.e. Lunabear (it just stuck).  Pan and Blaze hated them at first, but now Blaze has taken quite a liking to Luna which is definitely her play partner, and Mischief and Pan are preferring to lounge around and be lazybutts together (when Mischief isn't getting into something, which is hence the name.)

Yeah, so four cats.  Does this officially make me the crazy cat lady?  Either way, I gotta get another cat book out there now.  I definitely have no shortage of story material now!

So that’s it for now.  What have you been up to?