Friday, March 31, 2017

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Merry Farmer has an amazing post about success and how it defines an author.  It got me thinking, although I think about this a lot anyway as it is, but I wonder what an author's criteria is for defining success.  And does it change or evolve?  I believe it does.
When self publishing didn't exist (or pre 2010 when it was considered mostly taboo) I defined success as being traditionally published.  But prior to that I defined it as obtaining an agent.
After being small press published for awhile, I defined success as that publisher allowing me to continue writing the series I was currently involved in.  And to do that I needed to keep my sales numbers up or my series would get dropped. 
Now I mostly exclusively self publish and I define success in a different way:  by readers.  How many readers can I reach? Connect with? Connecting equals a following and that to me, in my own personal writing journey, is my definition of success.  The money comes from that.  See, I can't do anything to control the money coming in.  All I can do is maintain loyalty to my readers and hope they do the same to me.  And to do that, I work on my craft and put out the best book(s) possible for readers.  What's all I can control.

In reader/book news, I'm attending the Liverpool, NY Book Festival on Tulip St in Liverpool, NY this Sunday from noon to 2 pm.  Stop by if you're in the area!  There will be loads of great authors and readers attending!

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