Sunday, March 12, 2017

Second Beginning - Some facts

Book II in my Cold Springs contemporary series, titled Second Beginning, comes out March 17th. Yay! I’m so excited! This book was fun to write. It came easier than the first book, Second Chance. I think it’s because I already had fleshed out the world and everyone in it, and I had the luxury to just go with the story.

Book II introduces Abby Cooper and Ethan Carver. They aren’t in book I but all the characters from book I are in book II. Does that make sense?

Anyway…to answer some reader questions, yes Cold Springs is an actual town in New York state, but the series doesn’t take place in that town.  The town of Cold Springs in my series is fictional. I toyed around with names, Cold River, Cold Lake, Cold Outlet, but I eventually came up with Cold Springs and it stuck.  I thought it had a fun and quirky ring, and that’s the heart of this series: fun and quirky.

I did take some key locations from where I grew up and incorporated them into this made-up town. The scene where Abby picks up Claire from piano practice is actually a house near where I grew up. It’s this tiny little house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields of dairy cows, Holsteins, etc. It’s literally like a Thomas Kincaid painting. That was what I pictured in my head for that scene and the scene where Abby mistakenly coaxes a cow to stick her head in her car.

Then you have Jean’s Diner.  Jean’s Diner represents every diner I’ve been to and loved. To me, there is nothing more relaxing than meeting a friend for coffee or breakfast and chatting with the locals gathered there.  You can learn about upcoming auctions, local garage sales, and just generally catching up on who’s expecting or getting married.  Okay…call me a gossip. I dare you! LOL!

Then of course you have the funeral home where Ethan Carver runs a very tight ship. Take any small town and the prettiest Victorian house in it is likely the local funeral home. Ethan likes everything in its place, everything planned to the minute, and when disorganized Abby Cooper comes barreling into his life…well, you’ll have to just read Second Beginning to see what zany antics ensue.

Thanks for reading! 

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