Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stranger is his Bed is now free on Amazon Kindle!

A spy for the British, Cat Sterling is used to living dangerously. Despite having a bounty on her head, she never expects to be shot in the line of duty and left for dead.

Angus French had enough problems without finding a near-dead woman on his property. A Revolution was coming, and British sympathizers have just burned down his tavern. The last thing he needs is to have the colonists catch him housing a British spy.

The price on Cat’s head will more than pay for the damage done to his business. He never expects Cat to see him as a real man. And he never expects to learn that Cat has a few secrets of her own…

I wrote this one awhile ago and had a ton of fun working on it. It was never really a book I marketed very much because at the time I wrote it I was knee deep between two other writing projects, so I kind of just put it aside and forgot about it.  However, it was a fast track book, and I love it so much that I'd thought I'd put it up for free. 

If you leave an honest review on Amazon when you're done, I'd sure appreciate it! Reviews are vital to an author's bottom line and the more we can get the better.  Thanks so much!


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