Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Life, RT Convention, Birds...randomness

I love spring because of the birds.  We have a bird feeder looking off the deck, and we can sit at the dining room table and watch them. Right now there are robins (although they eat insects and worms and not so much seed at the feeder) and yellow finch. If it ever stops raining I’ll post actual pictures of the feeder. 

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention starts today in Atlanta. I wanted to go so badly this year, but it's just not in the cards. Travel has become difficult lately and I don't think it will be getting much easier in the near future. However, I hope everyone going has a great time.  I'll be virtually there watching via online social media, etc.


  1. What pretty colored birds. I've never been to RT. It's so expensive for us. :-)

  2. I go when it's near the east coast to cut down on expenses.