Sunday, October 29, 2017

State of the writer's den

I’m hard at work on Honor Bound, my next historical romance in the Native American series. This one takes place in the French and Indian War and is kicking my butt.  I’m going to miss another deadline but it’s not from lack of working hard. This time I’m having some research trouble that. I’ve almost got it ironed out so it’s mostly butt in chair now.  The home stretch.
In other news, I’m reading a lot, studying the craft of contemporary romances so I can hopefully get back on that wagon and crank out some more modern-day stuff along with my historicals.

ACDC’s Back in Black just came on Pandora as I type this.  I’m listening to a lot of 80s music right now, which really help beef up my fight scenes in this work in progress.  I have no idea why but my brain works in strange ways.

I didn’t do a YouTube video this weekend. The house was too dark this morning and it was pouring outside. Usually I film on Sunday mornings and end up going out back where the sun has just come up, but it’s like cats and dogs out there and doesn’t show any signs of letting up. We’re under high wind warnings until tomorrow afternoon.

How was your weekend?

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