Saturday, November 4, 2017

2018 book schedule and things

My goal for next year is to get four books written. My publishing goals, however, are a bit different.  I’ve made a release schedule for one book per quarter, but sometimes that schedule has to change due to editors own schedules, cover artist schedules, developmental editor schedules, etc. Plus there are the add, trying for a Bookbub, etc. You never know when that could happen. For example, if I get a Bookbub on one of my historical books, and I’m currently releasing books in my contemporary series, I may then need to switch it up and release another historical quickly in order to maintain that momentum.
So it all depends on first and foremost, my ability to create content then other players’ schedules.  Writing goals need to be fluid to allow for change.  All the author can do is hope not to annoy readers, and keep attracting new readers. 
I’m signing books today at the Scriba Fall Festival. I’m thinking maybe I’ll do another YouTube video on that. Depends on where they place my booth and how crowded it is.  If you’re in the area, stop by and say hi!
’m working on a new writing schedule. The simplest part of this schedule is to write everyday. I’m trying to get 2,500 words per day written, but if I get 1,000 everyday I’ll be happy. I created a schedule that allows only 1,000 words per day to reach my goals.

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