Sunday, November 26, 2017

How to combat holiday stress, #selfcare

The holidays can be a magical time of year, but for many they are pretty difficult. Here are my five tips to get through these times with minimum stress:

1.     Make a list. Maybe it’s a huge list. Just write down everything you need to do to get ready. Then break it down in steps. When I’m writing a novel if I look at it as one huge book, I’m immediately stressed and I lose confidence in my ability to get the job done. If I break it down into bullet points, taking it in small chunks and only focusing on each chuck that I’m currently working on, I keep the stress monsters at bay. This method works with holiday tasks too.
2.     If finances are a source of stress, ask yourself what’s most important. I’m sure your family and friends would much rather have your time with them than any gifts you could buy them. Think about it. Ask them. You’ll be surprised in the simplicity of their answers.
3.     Take care of yourself. This week has been stressful for me. (See? I’m even victim of
not listening to my own advice!) Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings gave me a stomachache for two days. I’ve decided to eat light for a few days. Fruits, veggies, and yogurt. I’m starting to feel better and I feel confident that I’ve eaten healthy.
4.     Journal about your feelings. Oftentimes when I’m journaling I work out a problem I’m having just by writing it out. Try it. It may surprise you. (And it’s fun to pick out a pretty journal to record all your thoughts in.)
5.     Be grateful. Write down three things you’re thankful for right now in this moment. You might think they’re insignificant, but don’t judge yourself. Just write. Do this every morning upon first waking up. It will literally change your outlook on life.

The holidays can be tough. Remember, you can’t take care of others without first taking care of yourself. Be good to yourself. And remember to be mindful of the wonderful, little, simple pleasures in life.

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