Friday, December 1, 2017


Some define courage as the ability to face your fears and do it anyway. Do you ever wonder how some people get everything done and seem to have it all?  I personally do not believe that “having it all” exists. I believe it’s an illusion. It’s a goal a lot of us strive for and if we don’t make it—and oftentimes it was practically impossible to make it in the first place—then we beat ourselves up for it.
Why do we do that? I think, especially women, we are people pleasers. We try to make everyone happy and who gets cut when we run out of time? Ourselves. It’s like that with me and my writing. I do everything under the sun trying to make everyone happy and by the time I’m done I’m exhausted and my writing suffers.
So what do we do about it? The holidays are probably the worst time to try to enact a new routine, but we can take this time to think about 2018 that is just around the corner. (Yikes!) Why not write out a list of goals for your self care in the upcoming year instead of or in addition to your other goals? And if you can’t find time to squeeze in the self care after all the other things you have to accomplish why not try to move the self care to the top or even to a higher priority for yourself? I know that sounds easier said than done, right?
It will likely feel awkward at first. Very awkward. I mean, taking care of ourselves before we do the dishes? It’s unheard of! But I promise you, the sky will not fall if you wait a couple of hours to clean up the kitchen.   

I’m not perfect with self care either. The minute it starts to feel awkward, I usually end up doing all my to dos first again and forget myself. But it’s a process. It takes time and sometimes the ability to face ourselves with gratitude and no self judgement can be a definition of courage.

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