Saturday, December 23, 2017

Word for the new year

I’ve been hearing a lot about people choosing a buzz word for the new year.  I actually did this last year. I chose the word   The word didn’t come easy for me. I wanted something that would motivate me to work hard. I thought about the word grateful but I wanted a word that would do more for 2018.
peace, and I think for the most part life was pretty calm for which I’m grateful. However, this year I wanted to choose a completely different word.

So after a long thought process I chose the word abundance. I chose this because I’ve been reading and studying about living in abundance. I firmly believe that if you put it out to the universe, the universe will answer. This year I’m putting out a life of abundance. Abundant work, abundant happiness, abundant gratefulness. 

So take a moment and think about your word for 2018. What will yours be?

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