Cold Springs Series

Welcome to the town of Cold Springs, population too few and those who live here have their noses stuck in everyone's business.  We live in the middle of nowhere are those here are dying to get out and those who just moved here don't have a clue what they're in for!

Second Chance, Contemporary Romance
Book I in the Cold Springs Series

Samantha Stone thought she had it all. High powered job, nice apartment, and everything else she thought she needed in the city that never sleeps. When her aunt unexpectedly passes away and wills her the family diner, Sam moves back to the one horse town she grew up in—and a world as foreign as if she moved to another planet.

Ian Woods is trying to reassemble his life that was shattered ten years ago. He’s paid his debt to society but the people of Cold Springs are as unforgiving as they are set in their ways. He can’t believe Sam Stone is back in town, and the only person who will give him a second chance.

Who knew that a rundown diner in the middle of nowhere would bring them together? Can this new life save them both before the
                                                      town tears them apart?

Second Beginning, Contemporary Romance
Book II in the Cold Springs Series

Abby Cooper would give an anything to escape her past. Buying a building sight unseen is a crazy idea but so is opening a bookstore in a one-horse town in the middle of nowhere. Little did she know there would be a funeral home right across the street. How can smove on when death is constantly staring her in the face?

Ethan Carver has little time for anything but work. Death is a demanding business, and he has no time for relationships. When the newest member of Cold Springs opens a bookstore across the street from him, all focus dies. Can he learn to slow down and enjoy life for a change?