Friday, June 24, 2016

New book! New series! Releases July 15!

Hello everyone,
I'm so happy to announce that I finally have completed the first book, Second Chance, in my new contemporary series, The Cold Springs Series! Hold onto your hats, this book releases July 15th.  That's, like, right around the corner!

Here's a blurb:

Samantha Stone thought she had it all.  High powered job, nice apartment, and everything else she thought she needed in the city that never sleeps.  When her aunt unexpectedly passes away and wills her the family diner, Sam moves back to the one horse town she grew up in—and a world as foreign as if she moved to another planet.  
Ian Woods is trying to reassemble his life that was shattered ten years ago.  He’s paid his debt to society but the people of Cold Springs are as unforgiving as they are set in their ways.  He can’t believe Sam Stone is back in town, and the only person who will give him a second chance.
Who knew that a rundown diner in the middle of nowhere would bring them together?  Can this new life save them both before the town tears them apart?

I'll post the pre-order link on Amazon shortly.  Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What if the words dry up?

I want stories.  I want them to fill my head. I want words pouring out of my mind, fluid from my fingertips and across the keyboard onto the screen.  I don’t ever want the words to stop.
Someone recently asked me what I would do if the stories stopped.  What if I became burnt out? Writing a lot is dangerous, they said. It could dry up the well and I’d run out of stories. Then what? What would I do?
This thought has never worried me.
Writing is funny. The more you do it, the more ideas you have. It doesn’t make sense, but I suppose that’s the magic of it.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Second Chance: The making of a contemporary romance series

I thought since I have a new series coming out soon, I would tell you how I came about to write a contemporary romance revolving around a diner.
I love diners. I love their food, their coffee, and the friendship and town unity that comes from hanging around these holes in the wall. I always had an idea of writing about a diner.  For years, I thought it would turn into a book about diners and my critiques of them.  That would be a fun gig, huh? Traveling around America sampling diner food.  I’d be happy and a candidate for triple bypass within a year!
One day an idea hit.  I wanted to write a mainstream women’s fiction book about a group of friends who routinely meet at a diner.  Then the story was born.  That was two years ago.  The Cold Springs book didn’t start off quick.  I started writing the mainstream when I realized about 50K words into the thing that I had no idea what I was doing.  Characters were coming and going and none of it was making any sense whatsoever.
So I put the book aside, wrote a couple more historicals, but the idea for a diner book never left me.  I had to finish this.  I had to make this work.  I loved the made up little town of Cold Springs too much to let it go.
So I did what I do best:  I made it a romance. Why not?  I could write contemporaries couldn’t I?  I did after all write a paranormal romance series set in a contemporary setting (which are currently out of print but I will get them back out there to you someday, I promise!)
So Cold Springs, Book I, Second Chance was born.  I’m finishing final line edits this weekend.  Then I’ll announce the release date.  I hope you like it.  I have a lot in store for the people of Cold Springs, and Jean’s Diner that sits right in the heart of it.