The Indian Books

I've written four historicals with Native American heroes. The first one was Shadow's Promise.
This one was seriously a historical nightmare. This book was hard to write. There is so much history sprinkled in it. I didn't think I'd ever be able to find a happy resolution to all the character's problems.

The second book in the series was Blackbird.
Same world, only a much grittier, almost darker, hero.  Less history but historical all the same. This one came quickly. I wrote the entire first draft in two weeks.

Four Winds came next. A woman set on vengeance and a hero just crazy enough to try to stop her.

Finally, Bounty followed. I thought that would wrap up the series, but I was delighted to hear that readers loved this world I'd created. In fact they were asking for more books in the series.

So I'm obliging. I have Honor Bound coming out this fall, early fall. I hope you'll love it as much as I loved writing it.

Thanks for reading!

A little about me

In case you've just stumbled on this site recently, first of all, hey thanks for dropping by!   I'm Nancy Henderson and I write historical and contemporary romance. 

My historicals are set in Colonial America and mostly have Native American heroes.  I love the Hodenosaunee culture, particularly the Mohawks and often set my historicals in their world. 

My contemporary romances are set in a fictional town called Cold Springs.  Although it's fictional, you've probably been in a town like Cold Springs or maybe you live in one.  You know, filled with everyone who knows everything about everyone elses lives.  And when a newbie comes to the town?  Yeah, you can only imagine.

So that's what I do.  I'm often on Facebook.  Send me a friend request and you can learn about the zaney things my cats do or some of the house projects we're currently working on.

Oh, and I also write humorous cat books.  Yes, all of the stories are true. 

You can also visit my Amazon author …

Another Blackbird review - Thank you!

Absolutely love it! Was never bored and the story moves on very quickly. Both main have strong and are very determine to get what they want. It's a keeper for me!

Blackbird on Amazon

Nancy Henderson You Tube Channel!

I have a YouTube channel! 

I've uploaded only one post but stay tuned for more to come!


I recently hurt my knee. I slipped on wet grass and had to be taken to the emergency room. Yesterday I had an MRI and next Monday they’ll tell me my fate on whether I have torn a ligament and what can be done about it.
Pain has taught me self discipline. That I have to live with less than perfectly tidied up house until my husband can get to it. I could nag him about the dishes not being put away but really what harm is it to leave them in the drainer for awhile? It’s not like they’re going anywhere.
Self discipline leads to patience. I can’t get off these crutches overnight. In fact, I have a feeling we’ll be close friends for quite some time. I can’t help that it takes me twice as long to get to my desk. And I can’t drive somewhere at a whim (which saves me mileage, gas, and possible credit card purchases!)
I’m thankful that I can still work. I didn’t injure my hands. I can still use a keyboard.
So I’m patient, grateful, and I’m saving money. Oh the joys of knee pain!

Luna and the golf ball

Luna is obsessed with golf balls.  She started rolling a stray golf ball around the house a few days ago. Now she somehow feels that this golf ball is hers and hers alone. She will cuff and spit at the other cats if they get near her golf ball.

Yesterday she took to sitting on her golf ball. She sits on it all day. Is she trying to hatch said golf ball? If so what does she think is inside? Or does she feel that she's somehow tapping into her inner Tiger Woods?

Life, RT Convention, Birds...randomness

I love spring because of the birds.We have a bird feeder looking off the deck, and we can sit at the dining room table and watch them. Right now there are robins (although they eat insects and worms and not so much seed at the feeder) and yellow finch. If it ever stops raining I’ll post actual pictures of the feeder. 
Romantic Times Booklovers Convention starts today in Atlanta. I wanted to go so badly this year, but it's just not in the cards. Travel has become difficult lately and I don't think it will be getting much easier in the near future. However, I hope everyone going has a great time.  I'll be virtually there watching via online social media, etc.