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Four Winds

Four Winds is back on sale at Amazon for $2.99.

Here's a snippet from Four Winds:

Hunter paced the floor of his mother’s longhouse.Memories flooded, bittersweet and sharp with regret.Once this place had been refuge, safety.Now it was dark, as if the walls had sprouted arms and hands that were now trying to suffocate him. Panic was foreign to him, an emotion he had long since learned to control and push away.Hunter fought it now, refused to let it overcome him.Foolish that he should even consider letting it bother him.He had been to Canada countless times, had traveled every inch of this Colony the Onondios called New York, had even seen the Great Water they call the Atlantic.And he had witnessed, even caused, more bloodshed than ten men. He forced himself to meet his mother’s gaze, which was a struggle all its own.Black eyes stared back, questioning, searching for answers when he had none. Two Skies had aged since two winters ago, when Hunter had seen her last.Going on ten years now…

Laws of attraction

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember I’m writing romance.I have all these elements going on with my current work in progress.Paranormal elements, carnival elements, I even need to research the inner workings of antique pocket watches.Yesterday, instead of doing the Black Friday Christmas shopping like the rest of the world, I was reading old newspapers online that had to do with small towns and how they welcomed or shunned carnivals in the 1800s.Then there’s the demons.Oh, the demons!A whole other realm of research I must become expert of before I type The End.It’s crazy and it’s a lot of work and it’s wonderful. But there’s the romance.That spark that attracts the hero and heroine.A subtle look, a tilt of the jaw, a bold stare.The romance has to be woven in there as I am crafting the plot of demons, old carnivals, and of course the pocket watch which drives the whole thing. It’s hard, and I feel like I’m sinking in quick sand, but it’s fun, and I wouldn’t want to be writing anything e…

Update on Pandora

So an interesting update about Pandora:  turns out the vet believes she's allergic to the red dye found in dry cat food.  I've been giving her a special canned food they've prescribed and she's been 3 days not throwing up. I think she's really starting to feel better. Thank you to everyone who e-mailed me asking about her.

Updated website

My website has been updated with an update to my projects and a work in progress report along the side.  Oh, and it's

This week will be crazy.  Today I'm taking Pandora, my cat, to the vet to see what her problem is.  She's bulimic, and it seems to be getting worse.  I'm a bit nervous about it.  Not sure what they'll tell me.  She's not even two years old yet, so fingers crossed.

Self publishing

I’ve come to a decision.I’m going to self-publish.This is a decision I’ve spent a great deal of time pondering.Also something I never thought I’d be considering.Not too long ago, self-publishing was extremely expensive and considered taboo in the publishing world.There used to be a stigma attached to self-publishing.If the book had to be published by the author, the story must be less than best.So not true anymore.Publishers are taking less chances on new authors, passing up some pretty good books.Even top names in the business are self-publishing.Plus with the e-book explosion, costs have drastically come down. Why the change?I can’t speak for others but my personal reasons for self-publishing are mainly control and cost.I will be able to control how many books go to print, what the cover looks like (something I’ve never had a say in before), where they are sold, where they are not sold, etc.I can also sell my book for less.Costs for trade paperbacks are climbing, and the economy isn’…

Your vote counts

Don't forget to get out there an vote today.  Do it before work if you must.  Just vote!  It's important. Your vote counts.  I truly believe that.


Glorious authorness!

Other than RT, I don’t get out much when it comes to writing, meeting authors, etc.Last Saturday, I spent the afternoon with Alicia Ripley, Holly Gaskin and Joseph Sweet, all brilliantly talented authors.This Saturday I attended a workshop by Maggie Shayne at Central NY’s RWA chapter.Maggie spoke about the journey of her career.What a brilliant, inspiring author!