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Awesome book news!

I’m thrilled to announce that Wicked Redemption will be available in China soon! I don’t have details yet on if it will receive a new cover, but I’m assuming it will.I’ll keep you posted as information comes in.
More great news:Man Of Her Dreams will be reissued by Champagne Books with a totally revamped cover.I first wrote this historical romance in 2005.I had so much fun writing this one and hated to let go of Riley West.He was such a tortured soul.I’ll keep you posted on this as well.In the meantime, you can read an excerpt here on Amazon, where it’s on sale for $3.99.


So I’m writing along and suddenly it dawns on me that my heroine doesn’t end up with the hero that I thought she’d end up with. She ends up with his brother!WTF!This has never happened to me before. And on top of that, I had already completed a detailed synopsis. I’ve been thinking about this for two days, plotting it over in my head, talking about it aloud to anyone who will listen.(Is it any wonder people think I’m nuts?) Tonight it dawned on me that the brother, the one who was hero number 1, needed to die. I need to kill him off in chapter one.On page two to be exact.Then begins the mystery, and the scandal, and the real hero’s dark side. Ooooooo…..this is getting’ good!


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.Not literally.I was first in a bleh! mood, then coming downstairs it worsened.Not quite sure why.My asthma is really bothering me first thing upon waking.That always puts me in either panic mode, which I’m really trying to work at because if you panic when you cannot breathe you just make it worse, or irritated mode. Sometimes I’ll go around for an hour or two just feeling irritated then I realize it’s because I’m having trouble breathing. So I’m sitting here blogging, waiting for the coffee to brew,and trying to figure out what is on the burner today.I’m still going to write for the majority of the day.However, I think I’ll go to the store and get the Sunday paper and just veg for the morning. Diet wise, I went shopping yesterday and bought spinach, almonds, cilantro (which I’m still not sure I like but it’s kind of funky), and chicken breast and made a really tasty salad.I think my stomach thanked me.No heartburn all afternoon, whic…

Weekly recap

This week was insane.Really crazy. Wednesday I had a doctor appointment for my back, which was more of a follow up to the spine injections from December.All in all she said I was doing well, but I have to lose at least fifty pounds.She’s right, I do.This extra weight is just making my back and joints worse.So I’m trying to focus on eating natural foods, less processed, and keeping a food journal. The food journal is a real eye opener to exact how much those snacks here and there add up.She also wants me to start doing Pilates and yoga to strengthen my core.I have a Pilates DVD, which I did last night.It was really tough.I haven’t done that DVD in about ten years.I felt it, and I feel it this morning.I’m also going to start taking a Pilates class.I’m really going to do this.Not going to be easy, but I have to for my health. No other choice. Wednesday I left work early to attend a funeral for my husband’s uncle.Very sad and unexpected.Didn’t get home until after nine, which is late for …

Wicked Redemption

Something pretty awesome is happening/will be happening with this book.  I'll blog more about it as details come in.

Just had to throw that out there for now. ;-)

Braving the weather

So we didn’t get much snow from the Blizzard of 2013 or Nemo as they’re calling it.We got 15” so says the local weatherman on TV this morning.That’s an average amount for us, really.It’s 10 degrees F right now, but we didn’t lose power so that makes us really lucky.Since moving here last year we’ve lost power an astronomical amount of times which sucks because it’s our only source of heat.Gotta look into getting a pellet stove or something for backup heat. I did the majority of my take home work for the day job last night.I’ve only got a few minor tweaks on a project to do today and I’ll be done.I’m really pleased with it and with the time I still have available for writing work this weekend. On the writing front, I really want to get started on a brand new historical romance series this weekend.I had high hopes of submitting it to Harlequin Historicals, but I have to say I’m frustrated.I went on their website the other day and saw that they only took on two new authors for that line l…

Writing progress

I’ve had a bad couple of writing weeks.I’m going to blame it on the fact that life got in the way.Really got in the way this time. So I was writing an erotic horror targeted toward EC’s Shivers line.It’s 85% complete, the second draft anyway.Just needs two more scenes in the second half and a final once over, and I’m ready to submit. I’ve also started a historical series targeted toward Harlequin Historicals.I’ve decided to submit to them once more.I vowed that I was done, after two extremely close calls with them, but…here I am again.I want so badly to write for them, always have.I know the formula.I know what they want.I’ve probably read over 500 of them in my lifetime.I’m close.I’m really close. So that’s where I’m at.Not a great point to be at, but I’m kicking myself in the pants this week and hoping life doesn’t kick to hard back.