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Author Interview ~ Cora Zane

Author Cora Zane was kind enough to drop by the blog today.
I’m so honored to have you here, Cora.I absolutely love your books! Tell us about your latest releases.

I’ve written across several genres over the years, but I primarily write erotic paranormal romance and literary erotica. My latest book is an erotica paranormal romance called Chasing Moonlight. It’s book six of the Werekind werewolf series. It’s available at most major online US based booksellers, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, ARE, etc.

I’ve also recently had several short several published in anthologies for both digital-first and traditional publishers. I have stories appearing in Ultimate Angels: Tales of Winged Warriors, Coming Together: Hungry for Love, and Morning, Noon, and Night: Erotica for Couples.
What is a typical writing day like for you?
I write at night, usually from about 9pm to 2 in the morning.
I used to write during the daylight hours, but there were too many interruptions and distractions. I shifted my schedule …

Time and Again Books and Tea

It’s a rare occasion when I discover something new and unique right under my nose.I did just that today.I was in Oswego, NY when I came across Time and Again Books and Tea on 18 East Utica Street in the city.Time and Again is a gorgeous Victorian era home turned into a bookstore.Treasures can be found in every corner from comfy book-motif tapestry covered rocking chairs, to old paintings, to of course books galore.The only thing lacking was a cat or two.Despite that, I was in heaven. The owner was incredibly sweet, even had me sign her guestbook.I left her with a handful of my bookmarks to set by her cash register, and I purchased a Debbie Macomber novel and a recipe book on making bread.I intend to go back every time I visit Oswego, and I’m so excited I found a new bookstore.

Excerpt Sunday ~ Stranger In His Bed

Constance Sterling slapped the reins against her mount and prayed she would not meet her maker this night. Skeletal trees loomed like tombstones.She zigzagged between them, kicking up a cloud of rotted leaves in her path.The air was as cold as a corpse’s breath, and she had no idea if she were still behind enemy lines. Fear, raw and relentless, tripped her heartbeat.She swallowed the knot of bile at the base of her throat and tried not to panic.Tonight was nothing new.She’d taken chances before.Not to say she’d never been in predicaments, never had her back forced to a wall, but never this close.Tonight fear did not bring an anticipated rush, no challenge, nor thrill to the chase. Tonight had scared the hell out of her. Quick breaths escaped her in clouds of icy fog.At least three of Schuyler’s henchmen had been naught but a horse’s length behind her.She heard no trace of them now. She slowed, pushed the hood of her cloak back, and rose upright in the stirrups as her horse pranced nervou…